Meet The Team

We're an odd looking bunch but great fun, and our mothers love us. There are many others, considered experts in their field, that help out when needed. We have a duty to protect their identities though, as they are also freelance spies.

We keep a tight ship around here, sticking with our core crew and bringing in freelance talent when jobs dictate a need. This allows us to run a very flexible business, one which has the ability to adapt quickly to changing project load whilst also keeping overheads to a minimum. You can always be sure that when we quote for your project, the funds are going towards

making your video the best it can possibly be, not paying for our swanky offices and pinball machines. A great byproduct of this being constant fresh ideas and perspectives brought to us by freelance production ninjas, developed while working in many other areas and for other great companies.

Andy Silcock


  • Started the company in 2010
  • DoP / Director / Producer
  • Loves snowboarding, film, golf (zzzz)

Shauna Silcock


  • Joined company in 2010
  • Producer & Accounts
  • Loves snowboarding, yoga, crafty stuff

AJ Bates


  • Joined company in 2011
  • Producer & Director
  • Loves film, music, rum